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YAWP! was first constructed in the year of 1998 as a private intranet page in the NMC, the Met Office, by the author. It was made to be a weather portal for the forecasters to use as a backup.
Today YAWP! is on the Internet and is used by anyone interested in weather - amatueur or professional. It has grown to include more than 1600(!) links to different fields, satellite images, observations and products etc. etc. The page is focused on the weather in Europe and Sweden and by its design YAWP! is trying to be as user friendly as possible.


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How to navigate throughYAWP!


The YAWP! web page is using three frames where the top frame is the main navigation list with the links to the main subjects and areas. The links in the main navigation list control the left frame where all the links to the products, images, fields etc are situated. The products of these links can be seen on the desktop, which is the third frame. See figure 1. I.e. this help page is on the YAWP! desktop.

Main navigation list with main links
Detailed navigation list YAWP! with its navigation lists and desktop

Figure 1.

The links on YAWP! are generally blue. The link becomes red if You move the cursor over the text and green if You click on it. Every link on the navigation lists shows some extra information on the status bar at the bottom if You move the cursor over the link. Try a link.

View images and animations


The images that You would like to view show up the desktop. Numerical fields can be viewed either a single or all in a animation (javascript animation). Just click on JS Movie to see the animation. See figure 2. This type of animation can also be used for looping satellite and radar images.

Table of links to NWP-fields on the desktop
Table for numerical fields on the desktop. Click on either on time step or JS Movie for animation of all time steps.

Figure 2.

News at YAWP!


News at YAWP! can be find at the bottom right of the main navigation list (top right corner of the screen). By clicking on News a new window opens with information of the latest changes and additions to YAWP!. Try it! See figure 3.

The News window

Figure 3. The News window with updated information about YAWP!